All Teflon / FEP Part Mean Absolutely No Contamination. Recent studies have proven that stainless steel can leach oxides into ultrapure water. Canadian Crystalline eliminate oxides and other contaminants in ultrapure water by using only Teflon and FEP as parts which contact water. Many years of field experience have shown Teflon and FEP, both fluorocarbon materials, to be the most reliable, inert and tough man-made materials. The excellent UV Sterilizer transmission characteristics of Teflon contain a higher UV field which results in a better kill of micro organisms.

99.9+% Destruction of Micro organisms :

As reported at a recent meeting of the American institute of Chemical Engineers, Teflon tubes contain a higher UV energy field than quartz. Teflons higher energy field results in a higher kill rate. A special water flow pattern through the Teflon tubes assures turbulence and full exposure to the UV rays. High turbulence and non wetting surface characteristics of Teflon also eliminate any buildup of contaminants that could block our UV rays.

High Reliability And Low Maintenance :

Canadian Crystalline contains no moving parts. Since there is no contaminant buildup on Teflon / FEP parts, no wipers or chemical additive systems are necessary. The snap-in UV bulbs are easily replaced without having to stop the water flow through the system. This feature eliminates the possibility of contaminating the high purity loop during normal maintenance. Separation of fluid circuitry from electrical circuitry allows the UV lamps to operate continuously even without water. This also allows the UV lamps to operate at their optimum operating temperature (110 F) so they can produce optimum UV light. Continuous operation of UV lamps assures longer bulb life and lower replacement cost.

We have a System For you :

Whatever your ultrapure water needs, Canadian Crystalline, has the system. Standard models range from 1 to 600 gpm. Custom models are also available.


High Pressure Model : Low Pressure Model