COMPLETE SPARKLING WATER Constant line and equipment audits can be performed for our customers with our highly knowledgeable and trained engineers. This helps the client in enhancing consistent performance without a major constrains in line efficiency leading to constant bottle necks
In SEPPA, we believe that with proper observation and analysis of the line and implementation of our advice on recommended improvements. Our customers can drastically achieve the following,

  1. Optimize productivity

  2. Enhance hygiene

  3. Improve flexibility

  4. Reduce energy consumption

  5. Minimize downtime

  6. Improve product quality

SEPPA can perform the following audits for the customer,

Mechanical Audit

This is to observe and ensure all mechanical components are performing optimally as per their original design.

Energy Audit

This is to observe and record energy consumption of the line and relate it to cost of product produced and generate a viability report on energy to product cost. This audit also focuses on any wasted energy utilized in the line due to inefficiency in the line design.


SEPPA also audits its line software constantly to ensure that there is no inefficiency in the line due to the control and instrumentation system integrating equipment in the line.