We specialize in Effluent Treatment Plants and have successfully supplied projects of various sizes in India and globally.

The above projects have been covered in various industries like Textile, Tanneries, Beverages, Sugar Mills, Refineries, Automobiles, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels and Resorts etc., globally. Our successful history for the past 40 years speaks about our Technical Strength.

A pioneer in the field, our company is one of the very few in the world with a complete range of wastewater and treatment technologies. Our position of strength has been attained by our focus on technological advancement through continuous Research and Development.

Sustainability has become a major factor to increase a companies image and perception in the consumer's mind, our company wants to help you increase your brand perception. Our company manufactures and exports effluent treatment plants customizable by any industry needs and also depending on the type of effluent which needs to be treated.Lets save the world one water drop at a time.