Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream’ At a Glance

Far more precious than gold or silver, a little more crucial than petrol and as vital as oxygen, yes, we're talking about water. We know that 75% of the world's fresh water resources are contaminated, the remaining is fast disappearing. Soon how well we survive will depend on how well we conserve water. Thankfully technology has advanced enough to offer us choices in water conservation.

One of the most reliable way to do today is by recycling water. We at Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” present you a reliable method to recycle water through our superior, pre-fabricated packaged waste water treatment plants. These plants have the capacity to completely treat and cleanse waste water and make it suitable for various activities like Landscaping, Floor Washing, Gardening, A/C Cooling Tower and Toilet Flushing applications. They truly lend a helpful hand in reducing the load on natural water resources.

Canadian Crystalline newly developed technology has resulted in machines with better efficiency, less power consumption and is more compact in terms of size and weight.

About our Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream'

1) The Membrane Bio-Reactor unit (hereinafter referred to as "MBR") can treat domestic wastewater generated from

> Labour Camp / Defence / Refugee Camps

> Residential Apartments

> Commercial Complex

> Public Amenities / Convenience

> Factories / Industries

> Resorts & Clubs

2) Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR is "Low maintenance cost" "Space saving" "low initial cost" advanced water treatment system, by combining active sludge treatment and submerged Membrane Bio-reactor Systems.

3) Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR adopting membrane filtration process requires less space and yet provides higher treatment performance compared with the conventional treatment systems. That is why the MBR is ideal for places with limited space, and for recycling of treated water for drip irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc.

4) Raw sewage treatment capacity: from 10 KLD to 100,000 KLD OR 10 m3/day to 100,000 m3/day are available in the range of Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” Systems.

5) Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR sets 2 or 3 membrane modules in a vertical formation, containing multiple membrane modules. Pumping wastewater through the membranes effectively treats the water. Sludge clogging on membrane surface is greatly reduced as air is constantly scored from beneath the membrane module.

Features of Advanced Technology - MBR

1) Easy Operation and Low Maintenance Cost

> Clog-resistant: Noodle type membrane design

> Easy inspection: as membrane modules are noodle type

> The membrane-based solids-liquid separation ensures easy maintenance hence no need to pay attention to Sludge control and sedimentation.

> Periodical maintenance for membrane is only one cleaning by dosing chemical solution once in three (3) Months.

> Operation and maintenance for MBR is very simple.

2) Space saving (Low footprint)

> Operating with a high concentration of Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), the MBR process requires only a smaller reaction tank and does not require settling tankor sludge thickening tank. Therefore, the required area for Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream’ MBR process will be one fourth (1/4) of the activated sludge process.

> Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR, when catered to large sewage treatment for cities and municipalities saves space, thus reducing the cost of the project drastically, as worldwide the real estate value is escalating to unprecedented levels.

> The retention time for the treatment is considerably reduced compared to Activated Sludge Process. Thus the Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR is a compact design.

3) Low Cost

Simple and compact design leads to initial cost savings, reduces sludge disposal cost as less sludge is produced.

4) High Reliability

Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR_ uses PVDF membranes made with advanced resin processing technology.

5) Energy saving

Blower energy requirements are lowered by positioning the membrane modules in a vertical formation to reduce the volume of pumped air required to clean the membrane Surfaces.

6) High quality treated water

As wastewater is filtered by membrane with pore size of 0.2 um, the treated water can be used for drip irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc. The treated water can also be used for industrial purpose and also for air-conditioning cooling. MBR system is capable of removing Phosphorus and Nitrogen in 6 hours retention time. MBR is capable of removing Coliform Bacteria and all biological contamination by high rate activated sludge. The treated water has no smell. With the conventional activated sludge process, the quality of treated water tends to deteriorate due to insufficient sludge sedimentation (caused by bulking, etc.) On the other hand, no such problems occur to the MBR process because the sludge is separated by membrane filtration.

7) Movable unit

Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR up to 100 KLD capacity can be transported because of its compact size, hence it can be transported to other sites after project termination and can be reused.

8) Easy installation

Since Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBR is a prefabricated plant, only joints, piping and wiring works are required at site. Therefore, installation work is easy and installation period is short.

9) Less sludge volume

Volume of generated sludge will be reduced to one fourth (1/4) compared with Activated Sludge Process. MBR _is operated in conditions of high concentration of MLSS, thereby producing less sludge.

Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream’ System Configuration

1. Features of process

MBR (Membrane Bio-reactor) is a process that combines a membrane filtration process and activated sludge process. The MBR process does not require secondary clarifies and sand filters used for tertiary treatment in the conventional activated sludge process.

2. Facilities:

> Primary Treatment facilities

>Membrane Bio-reactor Facilities (MBR System)

>Sludge holding tank(can be provided by The Buyer)

>Treated water tank(can be provided by The Buyer)

Advantages of using Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream' MBR

The waste water transportation cost from the facilities to municipality's sewage treatment plant can be reduced.

Since waste water is treated by 0.2µm membrane, treated water may ve used for toilet fiushing, irrigation, car washing, curving water for concrete works and so on.Fresh water feed for these purposes can be saved.Since treatment plants can also be transported loaded on a trailer, thay can be used for other locations and construction sites.

In residential areas where sewer pipes are not connected, domestic waste water generated must be vacummed on to tanker trucks to a public sewage treatment plant for further treatment.Treatment of waste water by the MBR reduces the amount of waste water(sludge) to be brought out to approximately one fourth(1/4) thus reducing the cost.

Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream’ MBR uses less electricity consumption, in comparison with activated sludge process systems, thereby reducing the power cost.