Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream' MBBR Technology At A Glance

The Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” industrial WWTP technology systems are based on the Canadian Crystalline High-Speed bio-degradation and sedimentation technology which is unique due to its compactness and performance in respect of volumetric efficiency. These technologies are combined in a prefabricated, skid mounted or containerized tank system with variable length, which is mobile / compact and easy to transport anywhere.

The skid mounted system is designed for indoor installation with proper ventilation. The machinery is placed uncovered on the skid at one end. The units can also be placed outdoor under shelter with natural ventilation. These units are transported in ISO freight containers and are manufactured in lengths from 20 to 40 feet.

Canadian Crystalline Site Mounted Systems

Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR systems comes complete with one or two bio-reactors and one clarifier tank. They are best suited for medium organic loads and strict effluent requirements and fit for direct discharge to the environment. Any combination of hydraulic and organic load can be accommodated by using multiple container plants with standard containers in parallel or customized containers in series.

Canadian Crystalline newly developed technology has high efficiency, consumes less power and is more compact.

About our Canadian Crystalline ‘Silver Stream' MBBR

The Moving Bed Bio-Reactor unit (hereinafter referred to as "MBBR") can treat domestic wastewater generated from

> Labour Camp / Defence / Refugee Camps

> Residential Apartments

> Commercial Complex

> Public Amenities / Convenience

> Factories / Industries

> Resorts & Clubs


Any treatment plant must be based on actual measurements of the waste stream with respect to hydraulic and organic load. The critical parameter is daily average flow, peak flow and influent / effluent BOD and TSS.

For common applications in Sewage Treatment Plants for pulp and paper, dairies and other applications in the food processing industry, there is sufficient experience at hand in order to design a system and guarantee the effluent, based on the information provided by the client.

Designs for new applications should be based on a full waste water analysis and followed up by a test program in order to verify the design and guarantee the quality of effluent. Such tests may range from biodegradability testing in laboratories to pilot test on site.

2) Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR is "Low maintenance cost" "Space saving" "low initial cost" advanced water treatment system, by combining active sludge treatment and Floating Media Bioreactor Systems.

3) Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR adopting media process, requires less space and yet provides higher treatment performance compared with the conventional treatment systems. That is why the MBBR is ideal for places with limited space, and for recycling of treated water for drip irrigation, landscaping, toilet flushing, road compacting, curing of concrete, etc.

4) Raw sewage treatment capacity: from 10 KLD to 100 KLD in containerized form and 200 KLD to 100,000 KLD at site construction are available in the range of Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” Systems. Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR has the following special features, compared with other treatment systems

Features of Advanced Technology - MBBR

1) Easy Operation and Low Maintenance Cost

> Clog-resistant: Free Floating Media

> Easy inspection: Floating Media is loose and free for cleaning and inspection

> The media based flocullation ensures increased surface area with no need to pay attention to Sludge control and sedimentation.

> Periodical maintenance of media is carried out by maintaining MLSS and sludge volume only.

> Operation and maintenance of MBBR is very simple.

2) Space saving (Low footprint)

Operating with a high concentration of Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS), the MBBR process requires only a small reaction tank followed by a settling tank or clarifier for large volumes. Therefore the required area for Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR process will be only one third (1/3rd ) of the activated sludge process. Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR, when catered to large sewage treatment for cities and municipalities saves space, thus reducing the cost of the project drastically, as worldwide the real estate value is consistently escalating.

The retention time for the treatment is considerably reduced compared to Activated Sludge Process. Thus the Canadian Crystalline“Silver Stream” MBBR is a compact design.

3) Low Cost

Simple and compact design leads to initial cost savings. Reduces sludge disposal costs as minimum quantum of sludge is produced

4) High Reliability

Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR uses PP Floating Media using advanced resin processing technology.

5) Energy saving

By increasing the surface area in the Aeration Pond using floating media, the area of oxidation becomes less and blower energy requirement is also low.

6) Floating Media

Floating media can be utilized in new or old bio-reactors and enhance performance, Once the media is placed inside a bio-reactor and set in proper operation, you have a completely stable, clog-free bio-film reactor.

Micro-organisms, which are attached to the floating media reduce the organic load . This is a fixed-film process where the floating media become carriers that build a floating bed in the water (The Bio-Film) and stabilize WWTP.

The Bio-Film grows on the bio-media surface that moves along with the water inside the reactor chamber and the floating media carries the bio-mass, also known as MBBR Moving Bed Bio-Reactors.

Once submerged inside the bio-reactor, the floating media operates as non-clogging media. No channels or dead spots as in other technologies. The movement is caused by either aeration, or mechanical stirring, depending on reactor design and effluent requirements. The floating media optimizes growth (bio-mass), and provides shelter and protection for the bio-mass and makes the WWTP extremely robust and reliable.

The floating media has been extensively tested and implemented into numerous wastewater plants worldwide. The floating media has proven to be superior to any known bio media and can handle pH variation, shock loading and cold temperature which drastically reduces the plant size. The Canadian Crystalline BioMedia has proven to stabilize most wastewater plants

Floating media represents flexibility and new-engineered potentials in wastewater treatment plant operation. Use in the existing tanks, upgrade existing plants and for efficient BOD, NH3-N and TSS removal without tank expansion. Floating media provides flexibility in design and use for aerobic and anaerobic systems. Use existing tanks, modernize existing system to meet effluent requirements.

7) Capacities

The 3 compartment system has the following nominal capacities at an influent of TSS 200 ppm and 95% cleaning efficiency in terms of BOD.

The 2 compartment system has the following nominal capacities at an influent of TSS 500 ppm and 80% cleaning efficiency in terms of BOD.

8) Movabale unit

Canadian Crystalline“Silver Stream” MBBR up to 200 KLD capacity can be transported because of its compact size Therefore, it can be transported to other sites after project termination and can be reused.

9) Easy installation

Since Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR is a prefabricated plant, only joints, piping and wiring works are required at site. Therefore, installation work is easy and installation period is short.

10) Less sludge volume

Volume of generated sludge is reduced to half (1/2) compared with Activated Sludge Process because MBBR can be operated in conditions with less surface area and also due to higher MLSS, thereby producing less sludge.

Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream’ System Configuration

1. Features of process

ASP by extended aeration is a process that combines equalization and aeration.

2. Facilities:

>Primary Treatment facilities Raw Effluent Collection Sump (can be provided by the Buyer)

>Equalization And Holding System

> Biological Treatment System

>Sludge Separation System

>Equipment Specification

Advantages of using Canadian Crystalline 'Silver Stream' MBBR

The wastewater transportation cost from the facilities to municipality's sewage treatment plant can be reduced.

Treated water can be used for toilet flushing, irrigation, car washing, curing water for concrete and so on. Fresh water feed for these purposes can be saved. Since treatment plants can also be transported loaded on a trailer, they can be used for other location and construction sites.

In residential areas where sewer pipes are not connected, domestic wastewater generated must be evacuated on tanker trucks to a public sewage treatment plant for treatment. Treatment of wastewater by the MBBR reduces the amount of sludge to approximately one third (1/3) compared to activated sludge Technology.

Canadian Crystalline “Silver Stream” MBBR uses less electricity consumption, in comparison with the other treatment systems, thereby reducing power cost.