SSEPPA's Screw chillers are distributed under two series, broadly categorized based on cooling media i.e. Air-Cooled or Water – Cooled, the water quality used for the process and the ambient temperatures under which they are made to operate. All these chillers are made to be compatible for both indoor and outdoor installation. Screw chillers are available starting from 40TR and above. Werner Finley offers a bare chiller option wherein the water reservoir and pump are absent. In a package chiller there can be 2 skids; one for the chiller and one for the tank and pump. This option is customized based on the client’s availability of space. Screw chillers contain single or two compressor circuit redundancy options depending on the capacity. Screw chillers are designed to work for varying load. Two types of compressor systems are available based on the nature of loads i.e. STEP CONTROLL & STEPLESS CONTROLL. STEP CONTROLL Compressors work for step loads i.e. 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%, whereas STEPLESS CONTROLL Compressors work for infinite loads i.e. anywhere in-between 25% to 100%. Each chiller comes with a dedicated microprocessor or PLC-based chiller controllers which determine the number of compressors to run based on the amount of heat load. Due to these features, the Air Cooled Screw Chillers are energy efficient and offer redundancy based on the criticality of the application

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