RO Treatment Plant

The RO Treatment Plant is considered as the most economical solution for the water treatment process in any commercial or industrial establishment. Separating the contaminants and non essential and corrosive salts, metals, chemicals etc from the water, the treatment plant is engineered using hi-tech technology. The RO plant manufactured by us ensures to give a high quality output of TDS in the water. 


Low water- rejection rate
Most modern membrane technology
Produce high quality de-mineralized water
Less operational and maintenance cost
Works on the cross filtration method
Gives a unique high quality output of TDS range
Output water have 99.9% of pyrogens, viruses and bacteria rejection
Excellent system efficiency


Drinking water purification
Effluent and wastewater purification
Food processing industry
Car washing
Fruit syrup production
Hydrogen production
Reef aquariums
Beverage industry
Brewing industry
Electronics industries