Reverse Osmosis Plant

We bring cost effective solutions for color and salt contaminated water through our Reverse Osmosis Plant. No chemical residue is left over in the final treated water. 

These Reverse Osmosis plants are extensively used in varied applications including:

House and residential complexes
Corporate & multi-store buildings
Offshore oil rigs
Ships and boats


These osmosis plants assist in removing various bacteria, lead particles, cysts and organic chemicals from the contaminated water and correspondingly, reduce the risk of anemia, cancer, kidney damage and high blood pressure

Some of the special features of these plants are:

Out put capacity vary from 5000 L liters to 10,00,000 liters per day
Attached with vertical H.P. pumps and centrifugal H.P. pumps
Canadian clear TFC membranes
Recirculation clean pump
Manufactured with membranes cleaning tanks and others