PLC (programmable logic controller) based control system is employed by breweries in the areas of automation, information and control technology

Automation provide the following advantages:

Completely made of stainless steel consisting of:

1. Reduce labor costs
2. Better data collection and reporting
3. Batch-to-batch comparisons
4. Accurate material tracking and batch tracing
5. Manually collected data can be expensive and inaccurate
6. More consistent product quality
7. Reduced energy usage
8. Better control and yield
9. Reduced batch time by increasing equipment utilization
10. Monitor and record variable costs
11. Remote control and information available

Most Critical Measuring & Control Points:

1. Temperatures, Pressure, Level, Flow, DO, Control Valves
2. Raw materials supply
3. Quantities
4. Water quantities/qualities
5. Mash profile
6. Lauter tun cycle time
7. Brew kettle boil profile
8. Yeast temperatures
9. Yeast pitching
10. Fermentation temperature control
11. Batch records for data analysis