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Common Technologies of RO Pretreatment In most of the cases, the original water cannot be allowed to enter the RO element, because the impurities contained in water may contaminate the element, which will affect the stable running of system and the service life of membrane element.

Pretreatment means the process of treating the impurities contained in the raw water according to their properties by using proper technologies so that the requirements of feed water can be satisfied for the RO membrane elements. It is called pretreatment

Simply because it occurs in the position prior to the reverse osmosis in the whole technological process of water treatment.

For the RO system, the feed water is habitually classified as underground water, tap water, surface water, seawater, and waste water, etc. Since the water bodies are influenced by various factors, the differences in geographical conditions and seasonal weather can cause the properties of and the impurities contained in the water bodies to be somewhat different, and therefore the technologies of RO treatment varies to some extent. The reasonable pretreatment should satisfy the following requirements:

1. The pretreatment must be capable of removing most of the impurities in the raw water and making the feed water satisfy the requirements.
2. The pretreatment must take into consideration the variation of water quality so as to prevent the stable operation of the entire system from being influenced by the fluctuation of raw water quality.
3. The pretreatment must be capable of running stably in high efficiency; besides, it must simplify the processing flow so as to reduce the investment and the operating cost.