Lab Equipments

Lab equipment are the instruments that every brewer want to have to ensure the beer quality from a consistency angle. In the brewery industry lab equipments are used for quality control of beer, the quantitative determination of these below parameters were determined.

1. Wort extract, color, bitterness (BU), pH and dissolved oxygen.
2. Parameters for pitching yeast should be; cell count, dead cell and yeast pitching rate.
3. In Fermentation check extract (%plato), alcohol, top pressure, cell count, dead cell, growth rate, pH
4. Process quality control parameters for beer stabilization should be; CO2 content, temperature, top pressure, DO.
5. Process quality control parameters for filtration & BBT should be; turbidity (haze), dissolved oxygen, CO2 content, original extract or alcohol.
6. Process quality control parameters for packaging should be; CO2, total oxygen content and air in headspace.

One good definition for a quality beer is therefore simply “a beer that consistently meets specification.”