Over three decades of being part of the process cooling industry, SEPPA has designed and built cooling systems and components that avoid excess energy consumption, thus cutting down operating expenses for the buyers who use our products. A normal chiller would operate based on the fluctuations of media temperature- turning on when its temperature crosses the set point and turning off when it drops below the set point. Due to this, chillers tend to undergo a large number of on-off cycles during the manufacturing process, even when not needed at times. In order to avoid excess cycles and save energy, SEPPA has created energy-efficient chillers adopting technologies which assess the amount of heat in the machine at regular, pre-set intervals, thus reducing the number of on-off cycles drastically. It is possible to save up to 30% of the energy normally consumed by replacing conventional chillers with energy efficient variants. an energy-efficient cooler is composed of a highly sensitive compressor of either VFD or digital scroll technology, an electronic expansion valve, a fan speed controller and a chiller controller. It requires these control units in order to fine-tune the process and ensure that energy is consumed sustainably. VFD-based compressors function at varying capacities from 30-110%, controlled by parameters like fluid temperatures or refrigerant pressures. SEPPA makes use of Copeland Digital Scroll™ compressors which provide capacity modulation from 10-100% of full load capacity. A chiller that uses digital scrolls is seen to save 30-32% in power consumption compared to normal scroll, and so is a better investment when applications call for variable load conditions. They also provide greater temperature stability, showing deviations of only +/- 0.5°C. Electronic expansion valves are installed within these chillers to maintain a desired superheat regardless of changing conditions and to control the refrigerant anywhere within the system. Fan speed controllers regulate temperature and refrigerating systems, thereby minimizing power wastage. SEPPA's Energy Efficient Chillers find applications in medical, data centre, induction welding, food processing and lamination industries