Packaging of bottled beer typically involves drawing the Beer from Bright Beer Tank and filling it into bottles in a filling machine (filler), which are then capped, labeled and packed into cases or cartons.

BEER GLASS BOTTLING LINE comprising of the following Equipments

1. Single/Double end Bottle Washing Machine
2. Bottle Filler & Crowner
3. Crown feeding System
4. Tunnel Pasturiser
5. Bottle labelling Machine
6. Case Packer
7. Complete Conveyor Lines
8. Carton Sealer
9. Air Blow Dryer
10. Ink Jet Printer
11. Power distribution system

BEER CAN LINE comprising of the following Equipments

1. De-Palletizer
2. Empty CAN Conveyors
3. Can Rinser
4. Can turners
5. Filler + Seamer
6. Fill level inspector & Rejecter
7. CAN Conveyors
8. Block CAN turners
9. Tunnel Pasteuriser
10. Air Blow Dryer
11. Ink jet printer
11. Fill level inspector & Rejecter
11. Shrink Packer
11. Pack Conveyors
11. Power distribution system