Water Treatment Processing System

the best water treatment plant manufacturesAlthough you may not realize it, the municipal water treatment process in your city or town is not doing enough to keep you safe from the contaminants in our drinking water system. I realize that they prepare annual reports to show you just how much they are doing to keep your drinking water safe, but these reports dont tell the whole story. These documents are often doctored to make your water appear safer than it is. Now, I know that might sound bold to state that these treatment facilities are falsifying reports as to the purity of your water, but the truth is it happens more often than you think. The treatment facilities must keep contamination of the water they process down to a bare minimum, which is something they are ill equipped to do. There have been many cases where false information has been used to make it seem as though a plant were running efficiently. There is very little oversight of the municipal water treatment process, as the Environmental Protection Agency has few inspectors to go around. This allows more than enough opportunity for reports to be made to look as if everything is on the up and up. The EPA and many environmental working groups know that the level of safety of our drinking water is far below what is often reported. There have been as many as 80,000 industrial chemicals that have been reported as present in our reservoirs by environmental groups over the years. These chemical agents are toxic to the human system, and more than 2,000 of them are proven to possess carcinogenic properties. The truth is that the treatment facilities are virtually helpless to stop these chemicals from reaching your home. The water treatment process used by the municipal facilities do little more than the standard swimming pool filter does. The porous filters that are in use at these facilities are designed for demineralization, and not the removal of the liquefied or microscopic contaminants present in our reservoir system. Virtually nothing gets held back by these filters, guaranteeing you one or more chemical or other contaminant in every glass of water. Think about how safe it makes you feel that the treatment facilities are incapable of removing the substances in your water that could negatively affect your health? You probably dont feel very good about this fact at all, and you have every right to be concerned about how drinking unfiltered tap water is going to affect your health. I have a solution to your problem with contaminants in your drinking water. Instead of relying on the municipal water treatment process to keep you safe, it is a better idea to implement a treatment process of your own. You can have safe, pure water in your home by simply installing a countertop or under the counter drinking water purification system. Such a system will keep your water as safe as possible, and will improve the odor and taste.Read Related