Canadian Clear 1000 fully automatic water bottling machine specially designed by Canadian for mineral water/carbonated beverages. The entire process has provisions in the machine for rinsing, filling, capping and sealing automatically.

The entire process is fully mechanical with variable speed drive and gravity/counter pressure filling system. The total system is manufactured under technology transfer and technical collaboration from US Microcon Inc. California U.S.A. The whole equipment is sleek and is capable of bottling various sizes of bottles ranging from 500 ml to 2 ltrs. 

The mineral water bottles are fed into the rotary rinser, filler, capper by means of an input feed conveyor. A star wheel then transfers the bottle to the neck holding robot of the rinsing station. The rinsing robot indexes the bottle l80 and activates the rinsing valve. Bottles after being rinsed are automatically transferred by a star wheel to the filling station. In the filling station the bottles are picked up by the neck and are allocated individual filling valves. The state of art filling valve is so precise and accurate it gives even filling in all bottles.