Canadian Clear is one of the members of the Canadian Clear Group of Companies. Canadian Clear incorporated the state of art technology in design engineering of the filling machines being manufactured. CC 1000 fully automatic bottling machine specially designed by Canadian Clear for mineral water/carbonated beverages. The entire process has provisions in the filling machines for rinsing, filling, capping and sealing automatically. The entire process is fully computerized with PLC and sensor Control with one touch instrumentation system under technology from US Micron Inc. California, U.S.A.

These machines are capable of filling up to 24 to 30 bottles per minute. The bottles are first picked up using an automatic robot arm, which tilts the bottle on top of a rinsing spray, which rinses the bottles in three stages. The bottles are cleaned with ozonated mineral water. After rinsing the bottles are transferred by neck to the filling station. Here the bottles are filled accurately by filling valves.