Industrial Ozonator

Ozone is the most powerful commercial oxidant in the world. It has been used primarily as disinfectant for drinking water since the early 1900s. Its is also useful for waste water dis-infections and malodorous off gases from waste water treatment plants. Because ozone must be generated on site for immediate use, this is best done through an ozone generator.

The advantage of ozone for commercially treating waste water is that it destroys bacteria, inhibits algae growth and reduces scaling in problem areas. It has faster reaction rate than chemicals and only oxidation not chlorination, takes places.

The ozone is purged into the final storage tank before the water is packed in the Automatic Filter. The Ozone generator is one of the type in the world at uses absolutely latest ozone dielectric tricoide tube technical from Canadian Clear The ozone generator uses upon 0.5 HP Compressor, air drier and air oil separator along with the micron air filter which are the pre- requisites of the air before the air is send to the ozone generator.