Canadian Clear is a manufacture of refrigeration compressed air dryers which is a perfect solution for clean and dry compressed air. Canadian clear highly efficient and reliable refrigeration air dryers are the result of extensive research and development and in house design and testing. canadian clear air dryers provide a consistent due point of +30C compared to any other dryer.

Canadian clear use state of the art, refrigeration technology along with high quality raw material and reliable components for building most efficient and aesthetic air dryers. All our products meet international standards of quality and compliance.

Our products and brands are well known in the market, and always associated with high efficiency power saving, aesthetic rugged construction, elevated performance, long life and low maintenance. Beyond this, our products are cost effective as we manufacture large number of equipments in house.


Condensing temperature control for ambient temperature variations.
1. Hot gas bypass circuit for partial load.
2. Maintains constant pressure due point.
3. Compressor safety through high pressure cut off switch.
4. Automatic drain valve for effective dryer function.
5. High accuracy, PLC based temperature controllers.


Clean dryer feed for,

1. PET Blowing machine.
2. Feed gas for Ozonator.
3. Sterile air for beer production.
4. All kinds of packaging machinery.
5. Pneumatic and pneumatic valves.