Industrial RO Water Filter


By removing bacteria, Lead, cysts and harmful Chemicals, the risk of Cancer, Anemia, Kidney Damage and High Blood pressure is minimized

Odour and Chlorine Free:

Our systems protect your family from exposure to unpleasant chlorine, Chloramines, Chemicals, Odour, Pesticides & Harmful gases, etc., at every tap

Mineral Quality Drinking Water :

Get unlimited healthy & tasty drinking water at home from every tap. It is great for cooking, preparing tea & coffee, making crystal clear ice cubes, having healthier bathing experience and much more

Low Maintenance:

Fully automated system with App Enable System combines simple one-time installation with virtually no maintenance, saving you time, money and giving peace of mind

Domestic Benefits:

Protects your pipes & plumbing fixtures from clogs, corrosion and other costly water damage repair by reducing scale buildup through out your home and reduces detergent usage

Protect Home Appliances:

Minimizes scale buildup to improve the durability, efficiency & lifespan of your water appliances - saves money on lower energy costs

DOES YOUR DOMESTIC WATER PURIFIER Give you total production?

Our Blue Ro System is Suited for

Blue Ro futuristic technology features a never before experience for our customers. Blue RO comes with patent pending nano carbon with silex pre treatment system to eliminate 3X suspended solids, smell, odour, color, harmful gases, chemicals, and pesticides.

The Blue RO is a generation advanced in membrane technology providing highest recovery using proprietary reverse osmosis membrane.

Thus ensuring guaranteed performance long life highest recovery, and lowest power consumption.

The Service App provided in certain models enhance membrane performance and life. The Blue RO membrane pore size of 0.0001 ensures pathologically free water in its output.

The UV sterilizer in the Blue RO is one of its kind technology which uses FEP advanced UV penetration medium, for maximum pathological kill rate.

On customer request, Blue RO can be provided with a Alkalizer. The alkalizer is provided to benefit in the following ways


1. Helps in slow aging.
2. Promote body detoxification.
3. Provides superior hydration and nutrition at the cellular level.
4. Reduces risk of cancer and disease.
5. Helps in reducing body weight by stopping fat storage.
6. Alkaline body has more energy and vitality.
7. Reduces free radicals causing oxidative damage to the cells of the body.
8. Helps in prevention of osteoporosis.
9. Helps in reducing acidity in the body which is the cause of most diseases.
10. The best tasting food are produced when cooked with alkaline water.
11. Reduces the acidity of fruits in juice when mixed with alkaline
water and provides benefits of the fruits without increasing acidity.
Blue RO Water Recommended For.