Automatic Glass Bottling Machine

Our company wants to help you gain profits by increasing your uptime. We want to do this by providing you with easy to use turn-key machines which are automated in different part of the assembly line. Our company manufactures and exports top quality Automatic Glass Bottling Machine which are of high quality and durable.

The system is equipped with a double stainless steel product tank and a bottle rotation system that creates new and original flan patterns during the dosing process.
The double equipped pistons add a twist to the products in the bottles while dosing. Our customer can also fill the bottles with two flavors/colors per six bottles (previously three) or select one flavor/color while doubling the capacity to work with twelve simultaneous pistons on one product.
We deliver many machines to Milk Curd yogurt filling machine automatic linear liquid filler equipment, Curd Filling machine, adopts plunger pump filling, the pistons and the pumps are well processed by unique designed valves without any leakage, and the filling precision.
All action and performance is controled by PLC with liquid crystal touch screen, easy to operate. The body shell and the parts contact with product is stainless steel, clean and sanitary comply with GMP standard.
Most suitable machine flavored milk glass bottling machine, juice pet and glass bottling machine.